Ever wondered how to store your winter firewood outside? We can help!


As we enter September, we know the chilly touch of autumn is not far behind.

The evenings are getting darker, and the nights are cooler. If you’ve found that it’s not quite cold enough yet to switch on the central heating, but your trusty blankets just aren’t cutting it, then winter firewood might be your saving grace.

This year, as the cold seasons approach, many are not only concerned about keeping their homes warm but also doing so without breaking the bank.

Firewood offers a solution for both. The best logs Essex can offer from County Logs and Coal supply you with the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire without making your heating bills soar. Utilising a wood burner could save you money on your energy bills. Check out our blog ‘Wood burner vs central heating with County Logs and Coal‘ for information.

However, how you store your winter firewood can have a huge difference in cost. Correctly storing your firewood can help you make the most out of it throughout the colder seasons. When done right, you’ll get longer burning times, higher heat, and fewer restocking expenses.

Most will choose to store their firewood somewhere dry – like a garage. If this is you, make sure to check out our blog ‘How to store your firewood effectively’ for a beginner’s guide to storing firewood if you have the choice of shelter.

However, not everybody has the room to achieve this. If you’re somebody who has to store your firewood outside for winter but still wants to make the most out of your logs, you’re in the right place.

County Logs and Coal, supplier of the finest logs Essex has to offer, is here to supply you with our top tips for keeping your winter firewood in top shape while storing it outside. We understand the importance of proper log maintenance and know that good storage can prolong the life of your logs.


Where to store your winter firewood

To start with, the first and simplest step involves selecting the right location for your outdoor firewood storage. When making this decision, take into account factors such as accessibility, sunlight exposure, and ventilation.

Opt for a location that is as close to your home as possible. Keep in mind that you’ll be fetching firewood logs during cold winter nights and possibly even snowy December days. Easy access to your logs, without trekking to the far end of your garden, is a convenience you’ll appreciate.

Choose a spot that receives adequate sunlight. Sunlight plays a vital role in drying out the logs and preventing moisture build-up – reducing rot and prolonging the life of your logs. Even in the darker months, sunlight can still make an appearance and help to take care of your logs.

Ensure that the spot you choose is well-ventilated. Proper airflow will reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Once you find a spot that ticks all of these boxes, and you’re happy with the where, it’s time to choose the how.

winter firewood stacked outside during winter with snow on top - as advised by County Logs and Coal

How to store your winter firewood



Keep your firewood logs off the ground!

Logs that touch the ground will absorb moisture. Moisture can lead to rot and make your logs less effective. Keep your logs from touching the ground by storing them on pallets, concrete blocks, bricks or anything that will put a divider between the moist floor and your firewood logs. This will also make it harder for pests to make your firewood their home!


Stacking for the weather

The way you stack your firewood logs can significantly influence how long they last and how effectively they burn.

When stacking, remember to create small gaps between the logs. This gap allows air circulation around the logs, which helps to prevent moisture from accumulating. Logs that have been stored and kept dry will burn longer and produce more heat.

While leaving these gaps, be sure to stack the logs tightly together. This not only makes use of available space but also ensures that the stack remains stable and the logs won’t topple over into a puddle or wet area. A well-organised stack not only looks tidy but also makes it easier to retrieve logs when you need them.

Make sure to place logs with the bark facing upwards. The bark acts as a natural barrier, preventing water from seeping into the core of the logs!

If you have the time, a good tip is to periodically rotate or reposition your firewood stack. This helps distribute the wear and tear, ensures even airflow, and minimises the risk of pests or fungi claiming your wood as their own!


Buy high-quality winter firewood

Of course, one of the most straightforward ways to ensure you get the most value for your money is by choosing the best logs Essex can offer!

At County Logs and Coal – suppliers of the best logs Essex can offer – we sell kiln-dried, high-quality Beech logs for all of your winter firewood needs. Our winter firewood has been carefully processed to offer high heat, and long-lasting fires, making those chilly winter nights feel a lot more comfortable, without your wallet paying the price.

When you choose supreme firewood from County Logs and Coal, you can rest assured that our logs are made to withstand harsh weather. Meaning whether you store your logs to perfection or make some mistakes along the way, they will still give you a worthy fire!

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Choose County Logs and Coal for the best winter firewood logs Essex can offer!

When it comes to winter firewood, proper outdoor storage not only extends the life of your logs but also ensures they are ready to provide the warmth and comfort you need when the temperatures drop.

Here at County Logs and Coal, we are committed to delivering quality logs to our customers across Essex. Our firewood is locally sourced from trusted suppliers, high-quality and affordable.

Experience the best logs Essex can offer straight to your doorstep, or even directly into your outdoor storage area!

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