You need the best firewood for sale in Essex this Bonfire Night – here’s why. 


Bonfire Night (on the 5th of November, remember?) marks an occasion for friends and family to come together for a night of fireworks and bonfires.

As many know, Bonfire Night can pose a risk in several different ways – not just to you, but to family, young children, the landscape and wildlife. It’s important to prioritise safety to ensure a fun, memorable and hazard-free evening!

Here at County Logs and Coal, your trusted supplier of premium firewood for sale in Essex, we are experts in all things firewood and are here to help you create a wholesome Bonfire Night for you and your loved ones to enjoy, without any risk of danger.

Here are some essential safety tips to consider to ensure the best Bonfire Night yet!



Picking the perfect location for your bonfire is all about setting the scene for a fantastic and safe evening. When you’re looking for the right spot, remember to aim for a spacious area where everyone can comfortably keep a safe distance from the bonfire.

Make sure to keep a good distance from any trees, buildings, or other fire-prone materials, as nobody wants unexpected sparks flying. Also, give your bonfire some breathing space from nearby structures to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Follow these simple tips and ensure a worry-free and cosy Bonfire Night!


Keep backup handy

Accidents can still unexpectedly happen no matter how perfect your bonfire spot is. It’s wise to have a trusty water bucket or fire extinguisher nearby, just in case things get a little too heated. Having a backup plan ensures you can react quickly to any trouble, and avoid a night of disaster.


Contain children and pets

The mesmerising flicker of a bonfire can captivate the hearts of our little ones and furry friends. However, to ensure their safety, keeping a close eye on them throughout the evening is crucial. Make sure owners and parents are aware of the dangers, and consider setting up a barrier between the bonfire and guests.

Alternatively, consider hosting a Bonfire Night without the little tykes and pets to prevent any surprises. Safety first, always!

People enjoying a bonfire on Bonfire Night using the best firewood for sale in Essex logs from County Logs and Coal

Check for wildlife!

Before taking a match to your bonfire, take a moment to check for any nearby wildlife. Small critters may have found a warm home amongst your pile of firewood logs, so make sure to double-check before ignition. It’s always best to ensure that our furry friends have safely scurried away before the flames start dancing!

A quick sweep of the area can go a long way in preserving the peace for both wildlife and your celebration!

If you’re using the best firewood for sale in Essex from County Logs and Coal, you’ll most definitely have some little friends setting up camp. Check, then check again!

Read on to find out why we have the best firewood for sale in Essex!


Use the best logs Essex can offer for a cracking blaze

Make sure you’re using high-quality firewood that burns efficiently and emits fewer sparks for a safe and impressive bonfire!

If you’re searching for premium firewood for sale in Essex, look no further than County Logs and Coal for the finest logs Essex has to offer.

Our supreme firewood is carefully processed and kiln-dried to guarantee a clean and consistent burn, making it an ideal choice for your Bonfire Night celebrations.

Because we use Beech wood for our firewood (considered the ultimate firewood) you can expect a high heat, long burning bonfire that produces little clean up – a definite win-win situation! What’s more, it even produced a delicate aroma, an extra delight for your guest’s senses.

Are you looking for firewood for sale in Essex this Bonfire Night? Choose the best logs Essex can offer from County Logs and Coal!

Bonfire made from the best firewood for sale in Essex

Why do we have the best logs Essex can offer?

Looking for the best firewood in Essex? You’ve come to the right place! At County Logs and Coal, we’re more than just a firewood supplier. We’re a team of friendly log enthusiasts who are passionate about making your Bonfire Night amazing.

Our team here at County Logs and Coal are dedicated individuals who want nothing more than to supply you with the best firewood you’ve ever used. We’re always here to chat about the best wood for your bonfire, how to keep it crackling all night and offer valuable tips on firewood storage. To make sure your experience with County Logs and Coal is hassle-free, our team offers a delivery service designed to make your life easier.

We know that lugging heavy logs across your garden can be a real pain. That’s why our service takes the load off your shoulders – literally. Just point us to your shed or backyard, and we’ll make sure your wood gets there safe and sound, no sweat involved! Check out our recent blog ‘Why we have the best delivery service of kiln-dried logs Essex can offer‘ to find out more about our log delivery service.

Quality wood shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we keep our prices affordable because everyone deserves a cosy, warm night without worrying about their wallet. Plus, if you’re stocking up, we’ll even drop it off for free if your order is over £69. If you’re one of our lovely customers over 70, we’ve got an extra discount waiting just for you!

When it comes to preparing for your Bonfire Night celebrations, County Logs and Coal has got you covered. Get in touch with us today to buy the best firewood for sale in Essex!


Choose County Logs and Coal if you’re looking for the best firewood for sale in Essex!

Bonfire Night brings the promise of fireworks, toasted marshmallows, and cosy bonfires, uniting friends and family for an unforgettable evening. Ensuring your bonfire is both magical and safe is key to hosting a successful event!

Follow our advice and you’ll be hosting a bonfire evening with confidence.

And remember, if you’re looking for firewood for sale in Essex, County Logs and Coal is here with the best high-quality logs Essex can offer! Just check out our shop!

Get in touch with us at County Logs and Coal for more information on how to make your Bonfire Night one to remember!