Here at County Logs and Coal – supplier of the best Essex logs – we believe the history of firewood is truly fascinating.

From the earliest days of human history, firewood has been an essential resource for heating, cooking, and light. The use of firewood dates back to the Stone Age when early humans discovered how to create and control fire, while more recent anthropologists suggest we were using firewood as a resource well before we were even human. Over the centuries, firewood has evolved, and today, it remains a vital source of heat and energy for millions of people worldwide.

We are well aware of just how special and versatile firewood really is. There’s a good reason we’ve made it our promise to provide the people of Essex with the best logs Essex can offer!

Chuck another log on the fire, grab a cuppa and get ready for story time with Essex logs supplier County Logs and Coal – here’s a brief history of firewood logs!

Man carrying firewood by county logs and coal

A brief history

One of the greatest discoveries ever made by mankind is fire! Throughout the whole of human history, fire has been used as a survival source. In the early days, when fire was first discovered, tribes gathered wood from the surrounding forests to make open fires that would provide the desperately needed warmth and light in such cold and dark environments. These open fires would also be used to cook. It was quickly discovered that some types of wood burned hotter, thus cooking up tastier mammoth steak! This wood became firewood.

As civilizations advanced, so did the use of firewood.

Ancient Romans not only had an impressive eye for architecture, but they also had a knack for keeping warm and toasty!

The usage of firewood began to expand when the Hypocaust was born. This furnace was so powerful, it could heat an entire villa or public bath with ease. What fueled these impressive machines? You guessed it: firewood! (We bet they were using the best logs Essex could supply back then – maybe County Logs and Coal was known as Caesar’s Cosy Campfire Supplies in a previous lifetime?!)

The Middle Ages welcomed a time of castles, knights, and chilly living conditions!

Fireplaces and wood stoves became a staple of every castle or wood shack as many people relied on firewood to keep them warm during these harsh winters.

The 16th century was a game-changer for firewood enthusiasts! Welcome: the invention of the chimney.

Before chimneys, burning wood indoors could be quite dangerous. Smoke would fill the room, creating unpleasant living environments and health issues. With the invention of the chimney, all that changed.

The chimney was a simple yet ingenious solution to the problem of indoor air pollution. By creating a pathway for smoke to escape, it made it possible to burn wood more safely and efficiently inside. This meant that firewood could be used more freely and in larger quantities, providing greater warmth and comfort in homes throughout Europe.

Today, many homes still have fireplaces and chimneys as a centrepiece. They symbolise comfort, add value to properties, and many enjoy their aesthetic appeal. Not to mention the option of curling up next to a roaring fire, with the gentle crackle of wood and the warm glow of the flames whenever you wish!

Ancient Hypocaust used by Romans to heat their public baths -  included in the brief history of Essex logs by County Logs and Coal

With the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, the use of firewood expanded once again. Wood was used to power steam engines and to produce charcoal for steel production. However, as fossil fuels became more readily available, the use of firewood declined, and it was replaced by coal and oil.

However, over the last few years, the use of firewood is steadily increasing as more and more people are looking for cheaper and eco-friendly heating options.

Modern firewood heating systems – such as wood stoves – have made switching from central heating or gas cookers to firewood easier and more accessible to many.

Firewood stoves are highly efficient, clean-burning, and produce minimal smoke and pollution, making them the perfect option for those wishing to create a cosy and warm space in their homes, reduce their heating costs or cook the old-fashioned way!

The history and evolution of firewood and its usage are long and fascinating. Firewood has been a valuable tool throughout history and remains a sustainable resource today. This is one of the many reasons County Logs and Coal are passionate about providing excellent quality Essex logs to those looking to become more self-sustainable.


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