Giant Bulk Bag of Premium Beech Logs (3x Bags) (1m x 1m x 1m)


Firewood for sale

Premium Beech Logs for sale, perfect for firewood. These logs have a lovely flame, pleasant aroma and a good burn time. Excellent quality and superb value. Perfect logs for any wood burner, guaranteed to warm your home.

Firewood for sale

If you are looking for firewood for sale, Beech is the perfect choice. As a Hardwood, Beech  is an excellent long burning wood, which will burn with a steady flame and offers a good heat output. A a dense wood, it is perfect to be cut into smaller logs to fit any size fire or wood burner. This type of wood is ideal for homes looking for a steady heat output. When growing, Beech requires soil that is well-drained and also needs to grow in a humid atmosphere. When growing, Beech can be sensitive to winter frost so the wood needs to be well maintained to ensure the perfect conditions for harvesting, to ensure ideal firewood for sale. Order your premium Beech logs today! Or feel free to visit our facebook page.


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