With it being World Environment Day today (5th June 2023) it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on how we are treating our planet, and where we can improve.

Here at County Logs and Coal – supplier of the best firewood Essex can offer – we are strong believers that firewood offers a whole range of environmental benefits.

From being a renewable energy source to improving your health and reducing your carbon footprint, here are all the ways firewood contributes to sustainable practices and its positive impact on the planet.

wood on fire - using the best firewood Essex can supply from County Logs and Coal

Renewable energy

Firewood is one of the greatest sources for providing renewable and eco-friendly energy. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal, firewood creates a sustainable cycle of renewal where trees can be replanted, regrown and reused, meaning anything taken from the planet is always replaced.

Firewood is also a carbon-neutral energy source. When burned, firewood releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. However, the amount of CO2 emitted during burning is equal to the CO2 absorbed by the tree during its lifetime. This natural balance ensures that firewood has a minimal impact on greenhouse gas emissions, making it an environmentally cleaner alternative to all fossil fuels.

By switching to firewood and limiting our use and reliability of harmful fossil fuels, we can actively contribute to a cleaner planet, fighting against climate change and global warming – which is what World Environment Day is all about!

County Logs and Coal believe in the potential of firewood, which is why we strive to provide the best logs Essex has seen. To take the step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, check out our Beech firewood.


Improved air quality

Air pollution is the largest environmental health hazard in Europe, causing health issues such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases. In 2021, 97% of the urban population was exposed to amounts of hazardous matter above the health-based guideline level, set by the World Health Organisation. Scarily enough, air pollution claims the lives of 6-5 million people everywhere, according to the 2023 statistics. Good air quality is crucial!

Using firewood instead of coal or other fossil fuels can significantly improve air quality. Firewood produces far fewer harmful emissions compared to fossil fuels, which release harmful matter – which contributes to the growing amount of health issues linked to air pollution. Firewood produces significantly lower levels of these pollutants, improving overall air quality in the environment.

When you buy firewood Essex from County Logs and Coal, you can be guaranteed you’re getting the highest quality logs Essex can supply. Make sure you’re doing your part to look after your health and the planet, switch to firewood from County Logs and Coal today.

Beech wood tree in the sunshine, planted by the best firewood Essex company County Logs and Coal

Less processing

Anything that requires less energy to process will overall be better for the environment, so of course, firewood has minimal processing requirements!

Unlike fossil fuels that undergo complex and lengthy extraction, refining, and transportation processes, firewood is relatively fast and easy.

After the wood is harvested from our trusted, sustainable suppliers, it will be cut and split into smaller pieces that will fit snugly into your wood basket. Once packed up, County Logs and Coal will deliver your firewood straight to your door, garage or wood shed (wherever you keep your wood, our team will get it there. We’ll never leave a heavy bag of firewood at your door for you to drag across the garden unless told to!)

This speedy and straightforward processing involves manual labour, basic tools, and a passion for delivering excellent customer service! This means firewood uses less energy and produces fewer emissions when processing.

The simplicity of firewood processing creates less of a strain on the environment than fossil fuels – a perfect example of why switching to firewood Essex today, just in time for World Environment Day, means you are making a conscious effort to care for your planet.

County Logs and Coal has the best Logs Essex can offer so that you can switch to firewood with confidence.


Firewood Essex From County Logs and Coal – Our Logs Essex can help you!

World Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to recognise the significance of firewood as a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source compared to fossil fuels.

County Logs and Coal are committed to providing five-star natural resources that better our planet. It’s why we are the number one supplier of Firewood Essex. Our firewood is of excellent quality, made from only the best types of wood (Beech) and sourced from trusted, sustainable suppliers.

To find out why we have the best logs Essex has seen, contact the team today!